Traffic Division

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Duties of the Traffic Division

  • Enforce traffic laws on public streets.
  • Lead investigator for all serious injury and fatal crashes (between 18 and 24 per year)
  • Investigate all Hit and Run crashes (between 400 and 600 per year)
  • Conduct investigations into all traffic matters that require follow-up beyond the investigation conducted by the Uniform Division  
  • Review all traffic investigations conducted by the Uniform Division  
  • Licensing and Inspection of all taxi cabs that operate within the City  
  • Licensing of all taxi cab drivers who operate within the City  
  • Liaison for Prosecutor's Office on all driving related cases submitted by the Mishawaka Police  
  • Calibrate Portable Breath Test instruments  
  • Generalist Instructor  
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation (EVO) Instructor  
  • Administer the Electronic Vehicle Crash Reporting System

Motor Checks

  • $5.00 fee paid at Records Division
  • Forms then presented to an officer for vehicle inspection and certification