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Black flat bench without backThrough the Memorial Tree and Bench Program, friends and relatives can provide a unique dedication to loved ones by placing a tree or bench in one of the beautiful parks of Mishawaka. This dedication provides a lasting remembrance in honor of a loved one and enhances the meaning of a bench or tree.

Trees and benches purchased through the program are planted and placed in the City Parks, with placement at the discretion of the Parks & Recreation Department. Due to high demand for placement along the Riverwalk, new additions may be subject to a waiting list until there is an appropriate opening. In order to reduce over-planting and a cluttered look, only 10% of a park's trees may consist of memorial trees.

The tree selection was designed to encourage a sustainable and healthy urban forest planted with native species. Native hardwoods are well-suited to the growing conditions found in our parks, have long lifespans, and provide canopy and habitat for a variety of living creatures.

The City of Mishawaka will plant and care for your tree(s) to the best of their ability. All trees will be 1.5” - 2” caliper and have a healthy canopy.

memorial plaquePlaques are 6” x 12” cast aluminum with a maximum of 3 lines, 23 characters per line including punctuation and spaces.

Black flat bench without backThe bench is a 6’ metal powder-coated backless bench. The City will provide a concrete pad for the bench and secure it for you and will make every effort to install benches within 3 to 6 months of your order. The plaque will be installed on the pad adjacent to the bench. Each bench includes a Memorial Plaque and installation.

Contact the Parks Department for costs, lead times, and any additional questions.

View the Memorial Tree Map