When I rent a shelter or wedding garden, what am I actually renting?

  • Outdoor shelters are comprised of picnic tables housed under a supported roof. While some smaller shelters have public restrooms attached to the shelters, these restrooms are for the entire public and are not included with a paid rental.
  • Wedding garden rentals have specific areas, i.e., the gazebo at Kate’s Garden, the Rock Garden at Battell, or the Tea House and/or Red Bridge at Shiojiri Niwa. Renting a wedding garden will permit you to use the designated location for a specific 2-hour time slot without another wedding being scheduled at the same time.
  • The Mishawaka Parks and Recreation Department does not rent or provide chairs, equipment, sound, etc. for wedding ceremonies, nor does it aid in set up or tear down. All activity must start and stop within the 2-hour time allotted..