Can I use my metal detector in Mishawaka parks?

The Parks Department requires that if you wish to "hunt metal" in a Mishawaka park, you must annually obtain a permit sticker to adhere to your metal detector. These stickers may be obtained in person at the Parks office at Battell Center, 904 N. Main Street. When a permit is obtained, a card certifying that you are authorized to hunt metal will be completed and provided. Specifically, the card authorizes you to hunt metal "in the Mishawaka Parks - but never on the golf course or in the parks where it interferes with the public." The card includes the your name, age and permit number and should be kept with you while hunting metal in any Mishawaka park. There is no fee associated with this permit; however, we do require a valid driver's license for identification purposes and for copying along with the permit and card, which is then kept on file in our offices.