State of the City Address

Posted February 19, 2012

Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood will deliver his State of the City address on Monday night, February 20th. The State of the City address is set for 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers after the Common Council meeting. The theme that will be highlighted for this year’s address is “Moving Mishawaka Forward”.

Mayor Wood will identify that Mishawaka continues to be Fiscally stable, Lean and efficient, and is Moving forward- being well positioned for growth with the improving economy. The Mayor will focus on the work and projects that were accomplished in 2011, as well as, what is proposed to happen in 2012 relative to:

  • Improving Quality of Life
  • Job Opportunities/Economic Development
  • Providing Public Services

Some Highlights from 2011 include:

  • Main St./Church Street Downtown Improvements
  • Hillis Hans Park Renovation
  • Milburn Boulevard Sewer Separation Street Improvements
  • Completion of the Mishawaka Ave. Bridge/Riverwalk with St. Joseph County
  • Construction of Trinity Place, opening up more property for medical development
  • AHEPA Senior Apartments- First Multiple Family Development in three years
  • Downtown Reinvestment- Multiple businesses opening up in existing storefronts
  • Overall crime rates continue to decline
  • Fire/Ambulance runs continue to increase
  • The City started construction on the new Fire Station #4 Building

Some projects and issues for 2012 include:

  • Anticipated signing of the consent decree regarding combined sewers
  • Presentation of a sidewalk ADA transition plan for the City
  • Center for Hospice Care will start construction of a new care campus
  • Central Park will receive significant enhancements
  • Construction plans being prepared for the connector road between Capital and Fir Rd.
  • The improving prospect for local economy based on recent hiring by local manufacturers
  • Collective Bargaining negotiations and the need to staff a third ambulance
  • Budget challenges for 2013, based on revenue and health insurance costs
  • Ongoing construction improvements to Main and Church Streets
  • On-going emphasis being placed on Community Policing

Lastly, Mayor Wood will announce a new long range planning effort that will occur in the City starting in 2012. The planning effort will be slightly different in that it is intended to be issue/goal/results driven. The effort will focus on what the City will look like/what should be accomplished by 2033 when the City celebrates its 200th Birthday. The process will be defined in the spring with public input to begin in the summer of 2012.

Beginning Tuesday, February 21, residents may read the State of the City Address given by Mayor Wood on the city website at . There you will find the entire document, a summary by Mayor Wood, as well as, each Department’s Annual Report.