Effluent Limits (Monthly Average)

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CBOD5 25 mg/l
TSS 30 mg/l
Phosphorus 1.0 mg/l





The Effluent must contain no more than 1.0 mg/l of phosphorus when level of raw sewage is greater than 5.0 mg/l. Otherwise, a degree of reduction, as prescribed must be achieved based on monthly average of influent and effluent concentrations.

Phosphorus Level in Influent (mg/l) Required Removal (%)
greater than or equal to 4 80%
less than 4, greater than or equal to 3 75%
less than 3, greater than or equal to 2 70%
less than 2, greater than or equal to 1 65%
less than 1 60%


    Summer 5.0 mg/l
    Winter 10.6 mg/l
E. coli 125 colonies/100ml
Total Residual Chlorine 0.02 mg/l
(Daily Maximum) 0.04 mg/l
Daily Minimum 6.0
Daily Maximum 9.0


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