Monday, August 03, 2015

Meetings of Standing Committees
Council Conference Room
6:45 P.M.

 7:00 P.M.


1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll Call - All Present

4. Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of July 20, 2015


5.  Petitions, Communications, Remonstrance and Memorials

 Clerk Block read the following petitions by title and submitted the TIF Report;

Petition No. 2015-21 Amend the PUD Proposed Bayer HealthCare Site – 7.07 Acre Parcel on Beacon Blvd
Petition No. 2015-22 Amend the PUD Southwest corner Beacon Parkway and Capital Avenue
TIF District Reports  

6.   Report of Special Committee  None

7.   Ordinances on First Reading

Clerk Block read the following proposed ordinance by title and assigned to committee;

P. O. NO. 2015-18 Amending the Sewage Works Refunding Revenue Bond
(Assigned to Budget and Finance Committee)

8.   Resolutions

Clerk Block read the following resolution;

Passed 9 to 0
Honoring Penn High School State Champions Baseball Team

9.   Ordinances on Second Reading

Clerk Block read the following proposed ordinances by title and opened the public hearing;

P.O. NO. 2015-16
Passed 9 to 0
Ordinance No. 5492
Rezone from C-7 Auto Oriented Restaurant Commercial to C-4 Auto Oriented Com – 1725 E. McKinley Ave
(Assigned to Land Use Planning Committee)
The following petitioner did not show, the proposed ordinance was postponed to the next council meeting 08-17-2015.
P.O. NO. 2015-17 Rezone from C-1 General Commercial to R-1 Single Family Residential – 3626 Lincolnway East
(Assigned to Land Use Planning Committee)

10.  Privilege of the Floor – Non-Agenda Items  None

11.  Unfinished Business  None

12.  New Business  

Mayor Wood said he would like to invite everyone to the National Night Out from 5:30 to 7:30PM at Central Park.

Mr. Mammolenti said he would be having his Twin Branch meeting at Central Park for the National Night Out.

Mr. Emmons said he would be having his neighborhood meeting at St. Bavo School on August 20th at 7:00PM. The speaker will be Jackie Walorski.

13.  Adjournment  7:40PM

At this time I know of no other business to come before the Council.

Deborah S. Block
IAMC, MMC, City Clerk

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