Monday, June 01, 2015

Meetings of Standing Committees
Council Conference Room
6:45 P.M.

 7:00 P.M.


1. Call to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Roll Call - All Present

4. Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of May 18, 2015 and Approval of the Working Memorandum of the Public Health and Safety Committee for May 27th 


5.  Petitions, Communications, Remonstrance and Memorials

Clerk Block read the following Appeal and Petitions by title;

Appeal No. 2015-24 Use Variance to allow Warehousing Use - 3618 Grape Road
Petition No. 2015-14 Vacate Portion of Alley North of 615 S. Byrkit Ave.
Petition No. 2015-15 Rezone from C-1 General Commercial to C-3 City Center Commercial – 101 E. Mishawaka Avenue
Petition No. 2015-16 Vacate Public Right of Way and Underlying Utility Easement Rights – Unimproved Kline St.

Cliff Zenor presented the Historic Preservation Awards in 6 categories.

Historic Preservation Awards for 2015

6.   Report of Special Committee  None

7.   Ordinances on First Reading  None

8.   Resolutions  None

9.   Ordinances on Second Reading   

Clerk Block read the following proposed ordinance by title and opened the Public Hearing;

P.O. No. 2015-09
Passed 9 to 0
Ord No 5484
Amend the S-2 PUD to construct two (2) Multi-tenant Buildings –
512 W. Cleveland Road
(Assigned to Land Use Planning Committee)

10.  Privilege of the Floor – Non-Agenda Items

11.  Unfinished Business

Clerk Block read the following proposed ordinance by title and opened the Public Hearing;

P.O. No. 2015-08 A. A. 
Passed 9 to 0
Ord No 5485AA
Animal Control Ordinance
(Assigned to Public Health and Safety Committee)

12.  New Business

Matt Mammolenti stated there would be no Neighborhood Meeting in June and July but would be returning in August.

Woody Emmons said there would be no June Neighborhood Meeting but would continue in July, with Senator Broden as the speaker.

John Reisdorf thanked everyone who showed up for the last Twin Branch Meeting when the Trolley/Transpo bus was discussed.

John Reisdorf announced the state finals for Track and Field will be in Bloomington this weekend all 3 high schools in this area have finalists.

13.  Adjournment  8:18PM

At this time I know of no other business to come before the Council.

Deborah S. Block
IAMC, MMC, City Clerk

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