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Updated Engineering Standards – Specifications & Drawings 

The Engineering Department recently revised various sections of the Engineering Standards Specifications & Drawings that were originally adopted on April 24, 2007. These revisions were approved by the Board of Public Works & Safety on February 1, 2022. The latest revisions can be viewed by going to

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Responsibilities of the Mishawaka Engineering Department include the planning, design, bidding, funding, and construction management for all public works projects within the City of Mishawaka. These projects include curb and sidewalk improvements, street improvements, traffic signals, signs, school warning devices, and sanitary and storm sewers. Within the city there are 174.8 miles of publicly-maintained streets and 239.85 miles of sewers. In addition to the City's projects, the Engineering Department provides technical assistance to developers to insure compliance with requirements of the City.

The Engineering Department works in cooperation with the Building, Community Development, and Planning departments to provide technical assistance to ensure compliance with access and drainage requirements in the planning of new developments throughout the community and to insure that the sanitary sewer system of the city is available to these areas and has the capacity to serve the proposed projects. The Department also assists the Central Services Division in planning the Summer Street Maintenance program.

The Engineering Department administers several popular programs such as the Sewer Insurance Program, Curb and Sidewalk Replacement Program, and the Alley Paving Program in addition to Disabled Parking Space Requests.



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