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Interpretation of 675 IAC 12-4-11(b)(2)(B)
Link to the nonrule policy issued by the Commission that allows for B-1,2, 3 and 4 uses to be continued without compliance as a change of occupancy

Indiana Building Code: (675-IAC-13 IBC)
Based on: 2006 International Building Code (1st printing) with Indiana Amendments, 
Effective June 16, 2008.

Indiana Residential Code: (75-IAC-14 OTFDC)
Based on: 2003 International Residential Code (5th printing) with Indiana Amendments, 
Effective April 5, 2008.

Industrialized Building Systems: (675-IAC-15 ISB)
Effective May 15, 2003.

Indiana Plumbing Code 2012 edition
2006 International Plumbing Code 2nd ed. amended Indiana 2012, which is only available electronically thru International Code Council’s website 
Effective December 24, 2012

Indiana Electrical Code: (675-IAC-17 IEC)
Based on: 2008 National Electrical Code (1st printing) with Indiana Amendments, 
Effective August 26, 2009 Fire & Building Safety Commission 675 IAC 17-1.8-1.

Indiana Mechanical Code: (675-IAC-18 IMC)
Based on: 2006 International Mechanical Code (1st Printing) with 2008 Indiana Amendments, Effective June 16, 2008.

Indiana Energy Conservation Code 2010 (ASHRAE 90.1 2007 edition, as amended)
Effective 5-6-10

Indiana Swimming Pool Code
Indiana Swimming Pool, Spa and Water Attraction Code, Third edition 
Effective April 24, 2011.

Indiana Safety Code for Elevators, Escalators, Man lifts and Hoists: (675-IAC-21 SCEEMH)
Based on: ANSI/ASME, 
Effective January 2, 2003. 
New Elevator Safety Code and related rules, under LSA Doc. #09-871, will be effective on April 13, 2011.

Indiana Fire Prevention Code: (75-IAC-22 IFC)
Based on: 2006 International Fire Code, (1st printing), with 2008 Indiana Amendments, 
Effective June 16, 2008.

Indiana Supplementary Fire Safety Rules: (675-IAC-24 SFSR)
Effective May 17, 2003.

Indiana Fuel Gas Code: (675-IAC-25 IFGC)
Based on: 2006 International Fuel Gas Code (1st printing), with Indiana Amendments, 
Effective June 16, 2008.

For a complete list of current building codes visit the Indiana Association of Building Officials (IABO) website. A complete list of Mishawaka Code of Ordinances is available as well.


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