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The Mishawaka Police Department has developed an online reporting system designed to save you time and energy by using your home computer to fill out a police report.


What type of reports can be filed?

Cases that involve theft or vandalism and are less than $2,500 which contain no suspect information can be reported on the web site. If you are able to obtain suspect information, we ask that you file a report in the traditional manner by speaking to an officer.

Once a report is filed on-line, what happens next?

Information obtained from your report will be reviewed and distributed to officers to make them aware of problems you may be experiencing in your neighborhoods. Depending on the solvability factors contained in your crime it may be assigned to an investigator who would contact you as he/she would for any other type of crime.

The report asks for personal identification information. Is this required?

This information is used for file tracking purposes. The information supplied is not shared with the general public and allows us to give the most complete information possible to the prosecutor’s office for the identification of all parties involved in your particular case.

How do I know that the police department received my report?

Within three business days, a case number will be emailed to you, which can be used for all further correspondence involving your case. In addition, this case number can be given to your insurance company to follow up on your loss or damage claim.

And finally...

Please make sure all your information on the report is correct and include any home, business or mobile phones that you may have. This reporting web site is being offered for your convenience.

Reporting these types of crimes in person is still possible…

  • If you live within the corporate limits of Mishawaka, contact the Mishawaka Police Dispatch Center at 258-1678 and ask to have an officer sent out to your place of business or residence
  • Please visit the Mishawaka Police Department located at 200 North Church Street in Mishawaka to file a report if your home or work is outside the corporate limits or if it’s more convenient to do so.

The new Mishawaka Police Department reporting web site is a way of making the reporting of minor thefts and vandalisms more convenient and time saving. It also reduces police department fuel cost and helps to free up officers for other calls.

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Chief of Police

Kenneth Witkowski, Jr.